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Presidental Youth Fitness Program
Human Kinetics



Physical Education on YouTube


Adapted Physical Education

PE with Mr. G.

Benjamin Pirillo


CATCH Health

The Learning Station

The PE Specialist

Ever Active Schools


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Palos Sports



Brain Break Ideas





PE Apps






7-Minute Workout for Kids


Make Fitness Fun for Stronger, Healthier Kids Through Interval Training. The 7-minute workout is based on strong evidence that high-intensity interval training can provide many of the same benefits as longer workouts, but without the same commitment of time.






Balance It


Balance It is a Task Card Resource for PE Teachers. A simple and powerful way to provide students with visual prompts and cues designed to help them develop balance and teamwork skills.




BAM Video Delay


First real video delay - continuously showing what just happened for quick visual feedback. Used by coaches, PE teachers..




Daily Workouts


Your own personal trainer wherever you are! Quick and effective workouts Ten different 5-10 minute targeted workouts. 10 to 30 minute randomized full body workouts.





Down Dog


Select your time, level, focus, voice, and music, and Down Dog creates a unique, personalized yoga, high intensity training, meditation, or running practice every time.






FIT Radio


At Fit Radio, we have over 100 chart-topping DJs creating mixes specifically for your workout. That means our mixes maintain a consistent & energetic tempo, our songs are specifically selected and arranged to help you get the most out of your sweat session,







GoNoodle Kids


Get Your Kids Moving & Practicing Mindfulness with GoNoodle®. Start Watching Now & Get Access to Hundreds of Videos! Active Learning. Healthy Kids.








Habitz is a fun-to-use app that empowers kids to develop healthy habits and stick with them for life. Kids can be picky eaters, junk food lovers, spend too much time online, sleep-in too late, and not help with chores. With Habitz, your child can reduce or eliminate all of these behaviors with positive reinforcement!





Interval Timer Pro


Helps keep track of your work and rest periods during workouts. Whether your into cycling, running, lifting weights, exercise, workout, stretching,







Iron Kids


Designed for kids ages 8 and older and includes long exercises, up to 45 minutes, that will get you moving and sweating! The workouts are designed to help improve overall strength of the upper extremity, lower extremity, and core. It also targets balance and posture training which is so important in today’s society where kids are attached to their phone and sit with a rounded spine.






J & J Official 7 Minute Workout


72 exercises and 22 additional workouts that can be customized and modified to create more than 1,000 variations to help keep you motivated and moving.






NFL Play 60



We’ve got ALL-NEW ways for teachers to encourage you to PLAY 60! Teachers can create activity plans and track fitness development while kids get to play to earn special PLAY points and mystery boxes!






PE Shake


The PE Shake is made up of 100 PE warm-up games that are easy to set up with minimal equipment. Each time you shake the application a new random warm-up game appears. All games are suited to both primary and secondary school students.







Random Workout Builder


With Random Workout Builder, you will have a new workout waiting for you with just the tap of a button. Random Workout Builder is focused on providing you with workout routines and exercises for workout parameters that you specify. Random Workout Builder will keep your muscles guessing as you are constantly switching up your training with different movements and routines. Random Workout Builder is not just for the experienced gym goers, it's for everyone!









Round Robin


Generate Round Robin Tournament Schedules based on the number of teams/players. Wins, losses, and draws can be recorded. The resulting schedule and results can be emailed. Tournaments are automatically saved and can be deleted with a swipe






Skipping Skills


Skipping Skills is the most convenient, fun, and effective way to learn jump rope skills. Video explanations and demonstrations of each skill are taught by world class jump ropers. Additional videos and tips images are included to help jumpers with challenges of the skills. Skills are organized into six increasingly difficult skills levels with over 35 extra skills.





Sweat Deck


Sweat deck is the deck of cards workout that will help you mix up your fitness routine with an endless combination of simple & effective workouts!






Swork-It Kids


Sworkit Kids is a kid version of an adult workout tool that provides video and verbal instructions in how to complete age-appropriate exercises. The app guides students through exercise routines focusing on strength, agility, flexibility, and balance,







Tabata specifically follows intervals of 20 seconds on, working as hard as you can, followed by 10 seconds off for four minutes. Each four-minute round of, let's say, burpees consists of eight sets.








Team Shake


Team Shake provides a technological way to choose teams or groups. The newest release brings many new features including balancing teams based on skill or gender, importing users from a file, enabling video output, and sharing teams via facebook or email.








The most complete Yoga app for kids. Children can imitate, feel and experiment with different poses in an interactive, fun and imaginative way. This is not a book. It´s fully-focused on practical insight. It´s full of color, music and joy where Kids can get involved from the beginning.



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